Felines Unpack the Rule of St. Benedict

Novice Little Jenny consulting commentaries on The Rule of St. Benedict


Welcome to this section of the website.  I’m Novice Little Jenny, the youngest of the novices.  Br. Ricky, our Novice Master, asked me to acquaint you with this section.

Here you will read about how we in the Feline Cloister interpret verses of The Rule of St. Benedict.  Novice Master Br. Ricky has given this assignment to us novices to help us learn about the Rule.  We’ll also learn how to research noted Benedictine scholars, both human and feline, so that what we offer you is on target.  At the end of each article the Novice will share what the verse means to her or him.

We novices are guided by the Cloister Mission Statement:

Through non-judgmental observation and gentle sharing of feline Benedictine wisdom, members of the Feline Cloister strive to teach humans about The Rule of St. Benedict and how this Rule can help humans find peace and joy in daily life. 

I promise that we will work hard to fulfill this mission as we unpack verses from the Rule.

This is a brand new section.  Verses will be added as the novices choose their verse and do the research and writing.