Jane’s Reflections

Welcome to Jane’s reflections on applying The Rule of St Benedict to 21st century life.  Jane hopes that the ideas and tools found here bring to life the many practical and concrete suggestions from St. Benedict.  The Rule guides us not only in spiritual matters but in total life formation.

Jane is really busy with her tasks as Abbess of the Feline Cloister.  It takes time to keep the Cloister humming along towards God.  Amma needs to prepare informative instruction for the members, consult with Br Ricky about the progress of the novices, dispense food, clean litter pans, etc., etc.  So she has only a few articles here right now.  But please keep checking back.  More reflections and tools will be added.

You may also enjoy reading the articles by the Feline Cloister authors found in “Mewsings on The Rule of St. Benedict.”