Paw Prayers

“To lift the world and its problems, the individual and his or her need,
daily into the arms of God through intercession
is to release forces we know not of
and is to have an eye to only one main chance in life,
the chance to help, to expand, to grow…” **

Resident Novice Mickey
is looking for your “Paw Prayers”

Hello.  I am Novice Mickey, a Resident Novice in the Feline Cloister.  I am honored to welcome you to this section of the website devoted to your personal prayers.  This is a new section in St. Benedict’s Toolbox Annex that was created in  late April, 2023

What are “Paw Prayers?”

“Paw Prayers” are a way for felines to share prayer concerns, thanksgivings, and intercessions.  Felines are invited to send prayer requests for themselves or for others, animal and human.  Humans are also invited to send prayer requests.

The link below will take you to a simple prayer request form.

You may offer words for the prayer.  Or you may simple mew simply give the name the feline, canine, gerbil, bird or other animal or person for whom you are requesting prayers.  Prayers for the world are also encouraged.

Your completed form will be sent to Br. Ricky in the Feline Cloister.


What Happens to My Paw Prayer

Br. Ricky will alert me of your Paw Prayer.  I will deliver your prayers to all Feline Cloister members and email them to the Worldwide Novices.  They will paw your prayer into their own prayer list.

Your prayer will also be placed on this page of the website.  You are invited to check back to see your prayer.  You are invited to pray the other prayers, too.


Send a Paw Prayer to the Feline Cloister

Sending a Paw Prayer is easy.  To reach the simple form tap your paw here.

Little Charlie praying your Paw Prayers

Paw Prayers

May 17, 2023

From a Human Friend of the Cloister:

“Please pray for my healing.  Covid has caught up with me.  I tested positive Saturday.”
Novice Mickey adds: May God the Father bless you, God the Son heal you, and God the Holy Spirit give you strength.
(A word from Novice Mickey – This dear human masks in the presence of her felines, feeds them and then, as she says, “I get outa Dodge.” COVID can be passed to animals.


May 17, 2023

From Clarissa Anne, a Resient Novice:

Please pray for Joy, the daughter of Amma’s friend Elizabeth, who was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 4. She had her second MRI on Wednesday May 16. Pray for both Joy and her 19 year-old son Tony to be strong and look to our Lord Jesus Christ who is our healer.

April 27, 2023

From a Human Friend of the Cloister:

“Please pray for the happiness of Diamond and Pearl and that I may treat them with Christian love, wisdom and hospitality.”


(A word from Novice Mickey – “Diamond and Pearl were gravely mistreated by a relative, following the death of their prior human.  Pearl was put outside.  DIamond hid in the house in fear. As a result both are fearful of people, even their new human, who is striving to be kind and loving. Building trust takes time.”



April 26, 2023

From Shadow, a Worldwide Novice:

“I ask for the prayers of the Worldwide Novices and the Feline Cloister for healing from the pain of dental work. I give thanks for my five remaining teeth and for my wonderful vet, Dr. Child.”

To send a Paw Prayer, tap here

**Emily Malbone Morgan, Letters to Her Companions (South Byfield, MA: The Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross, 1944), 263-264.
Emily Morgan founded The Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross, an Episcopal-based organization of women centered around intercession, thanksgiving, simplicity of life and social justice.  For information about the Society, click here.