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Are you looking for new spiritual practices?   Are you seeking ways to help you focus on what is truly important in life?   Did you just learn about St. Benedict and want to know more?  Or has the desire of your heart to follow Jesus more faithfully brought you to this website?  Whatever the reason, the profound and practical wisdom of St. Benedict can help you live more deeply your Christian life.

Now more than ever The Rule of St. Benedict can speak to every facet of our daily lives.  As you explore this website you will learn about St. Benedict, his Rule and the key components of Benedictine living.  You will find resources for further exploration and will meet the members of the Feline Cloister, who, in a lighthearted way, will show you what Benedictine living is all about.

Jane and the members of the Feline Cloister hope that your visit will inspire you to choose St. Benedict as your spiritual guide, mentor and life coach.



The Gate at Pecos Benedictine Monastery
Pecos, New Mexico

Welcome, Guest!

In Chapter 53 – “The Reception of Guests”, St. Benedict turns to Holy Scripture to highlight the importance of visitors to the monastery.

“All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ, for he himself will say: I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”
The Rule of St. Benedict – Chapter 53, verse 1&
Matthew 25:35 in italics. 

And so, at the gate of this web “monastery”, we welcome you as Christ.  To express our gratitude for your visit, we say,

               “Thanks be to God.”
                                     RB 66.3 – The Porter of the Monastery

We are delighted you are here and look forward to sharing time together.

An Opportunity for Prayer

Continuing in the chapter about the reception of guests, St. Benedict instructs the guest and community to pray together.

“After the guests have been received, they should be invited to pray.”
    Chapter 53 – The Reception of Guests, verse 8

If you would like to share a brief prayer with us, please click on the link below.  You will be zipped to a page that offers a number of prayers from which you can choose one that suits your needs of this moment.

Prayers for the Moment

Places of Interest in this Website

As you scroll down you will find  information about what is in this website.  To see more, just click as instructed.

Also, as you read you may encounter unfamiliar terms and titles. There is a link to The Benedictine Glossary at the bottom of each page.  For a quick peek, click here.

Who Is St. Benedict?

Life is full of words, and in this section, I decided to have some fun with them as you learn about this wise and compassionate monk and abbot (the head of a male monastery) who lived back in 6th century, Italy.

Meet Pope Gregory the Great (c. 540 – 604), who will tell you about St. Benedict.  You are there!

Brother Ricky OSB-F
Novice Master

What is The Rule of St. Benedict?

Join the novices of the Feline Cloister as Novice Master Br Ricky gives instruction on The Rule of St. Benedict.  You are just in time, for the class is about to begin.

To join the novices, read on…

St. Benedict of Subiaco Icon
Written by Br. Claude Lane, OSB,
of Mount Angel Abbey, Saint Benedict, OR

Photo credit: https://www.biospace.com/article/how-to-handle-that-co-worker-who-s-always-too-busy-to-help/

Why is The Rule of St. Benedict is Important for People (and Felines) Outside the Monastery?

Let’s face it – Life can get crazy.  It’s hard to maintain a healthy balance between our responsibilities and caring for our spiritual health. It is so easy to lose our connection with God.

How is it that a Rule of Life written in the sixth century for a group of men in a monastic community can speak to us today – women, men, and felines?  Easy!  The Rule of St. Benedict gives Gospel-centered ways to shape life that are down-to-earth, practical, and doable.

Learn how and why The Rule of St. Benedict is relevant today…

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Feline Cloister Members –
Br Ricky, Sr Esperanza (Espy), Sr Nikki
welcome you to the website

What Can Benedictine Cats Teach Us?


Plenty.  Explore this section to meet the members of the Feline Cloister, on-site and remote.  Learn about The Rule of St. Benedict through their wisdom and observations about Benedictine living.  You may find a bit of yourself in these Benedictine Furs.

The feline Benedictines invite you to explore their Cloister… 

The Benedictine Glossary

Need some help with Benedictine lingo?  As you read pages on this website and are puzzled by what a word means, check out the Glossary which was prepared by the novices of the Feline Cloister especially for you.

If you need the Glossary as you are reading, there will be a link at the bottom of each page.  For a peek at The Benedictine Glossary, click here.

How Can I Learn More About Benedictine Living?

Today we have wonderful resources to help us learn more.   Books, blogs, websites and talks can deepen your acquaintance with The Rule of St. Benedict.  You can discover ways to shape your life using Benedictine practices.

Check out the options below:

St. Benedict's Toolbox

A thorough presentation of The Rule of St. Benedict with concrete and doable ways to bring this relevant Rule into your life today.

The Rule of Benedict

A user-friendly annotation of the Rule organized by subject such as turning to God, cultivating love, and crafting a meaningful life.

The Book Corner's Noteworthy Books

Many excellent books will help you learn more about The Rule of St. Benedict and Benedictine Living.

Find a great book.  When it arrives, make a cup of tea and enjoy!

Website Links

There is so much good information available online:  blogs about the Rule, information from Benedictine monasteries and organizations grounded in the Rule, and even ways to join others in saying the Divine Office.