Tools for Good Works

Hello!  Br. Ricky here.  I’m purring because you decided to visit this page!  Here you’ll find “tools” for Benedictine living.  Each tool is associated with a “Mewsing on the Rule of St. Benedict.” Mewsings are articles about the Rule of St. Benedict and Benedictine spirituality.  They are offered by Cloister members and novices.

This is a brand new page as of December, 2023.  That’s why there aren’t lots of tools yet.  But I have consulted with the Cloister and members agreed to prepare tools to help you.  We want to do ALL WE CAN to encourage the practice of Benedictine ways.

We all hope that these tools will be of help.  We will be adding more as time goes along.

Blessings to you.