A Tool for Playing Catch Every Day – Tossing Words and Acts of Kindness

by AbbessJane

Jane Tomaine is Abbess of the Feline Cloister. An Episcopal priest and retreat leader, she is also author of two books on The Rule of St. Benedict.

Purpose of the Tool

To begin a spiritual discipline of playing catch every day, tossing words and acts of kindness.

Background on the Tool

One of my favorite verses in The Rule of St. Benedict is about kindnessIn Chapter 31 – Qualifications of the Monastery Cellarer Benedict quotes the Book of Sirach, noting that “a kind word is better than the best gift.”  (RB 31.13-14 and Sir 18:17)  Kindness is the leading quality of the

Four women tossing words of kindness to one another

cellarer.  Might kindness become our leading quality? Kindness is rooted in mutual obedience, respect, doing what is best for the other person and in the love of Christ.   We may not be able to play catch every day with a ball as we did when we were kids.  But we can choose to toss words and acts of kindness to one another at home, at school, at work, at church, in the grocery store, and on the phone with a rep whose help we need to solve a problem that is driving us crazy.

The Tool

Decide on a day or even half a day that you will intentionally practice tossing words of kindness to others.  Ask God to help you be mindful of what you say.  Remember to toss kind words to yourself, too.  We often toss kinder words to others than to ourselves.  In the same way, plan a dedicated time to toss acts of kindness to those around you as well.  Do you have a pet or two?  Our animal friends respond well to kind, gentle words.

Finally, to top it off, how about having an old-fashioned game of catch with a ball?  Remember your furry friends like to play catch too!

A pup playing catch

If you would like to read Jane’s article associated with this tool. “Playing Games and The Rule of St. Benedict, click here.

© March 2022 The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine

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