A Tool for Embracing God’s Love

by AbbessJane

Jane Tomaine is Abbess of the Feline Cloister. An Episcopal priest and retreat leader, she is also author of two books on The Rule of St. Benedict.
Purpose of the Tool:  To help you develop a practice of realizing God’s love for you in the ordinary stuff of daily life.

Background on the Tool:  God’s love is with us all the time.  We just need to open our eyes and ears to this love.

The Tool:  To adopt a practice of looking back through a day or part of a day to reframe our view of what happened by asking these questions:

            How was God present?  How did God’s show God’s love to me? 


“God loves me!”

Before I went jogging the other morning I spent at least five frustrating minutes looking around for my red headband. When I asked John if he’d seen it, with a look of gentle humor he said, “Poor Pie” (his nickname for me).  It’s around your neck.” and gave me a hug.  My forgetfulness and my husband’s love gave God a way to “hug” me!       

Later a gentleman delivered salt for our water softener.  After struggling mightily to carry three 80 pound bags into our garage he realized that John had ordered 50 pound bags.  Lifting either weight was difficult for him and there was much audible grunting and sighing.  I felt compassion for him and said a silent prayer that his day be blessed, especially with light bags.  How was God present?  By helping me recognize and respond to someone having a tough day.  How did God show God’s love to me?  By giving me compassion and a prayer that I trust ultimately lifted the man’s spirits.  

 This tool is introduced in Jane’s article “Embracing the Inexpressible Delight of God’s Love.”  Click here to reach the article.

©March 2022 The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine

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