Randy’s Corner – Written After My Diagnosis of Lymphoma – April 2013

My dear friends. I wanted to write this to you before I got too weak to put my thoughts together.

As you may know from the March-April newsletter of this year, I’m very sick.  The vet told Abbess Jane and Prior John that I have lymphoma.  Amma is doing everything that she can to take care of me just as Benedict instructs.  He says that care of the sick ranks above everything (36.1) and for this I am so grateful.  For my part I’m also doing my best to follow Benedict’s instructions to those who are sick – not to demand too much (36.4).

I know in my heart that I will soon join the other Benedictine cats who are now in the Paradise Cloister, a place of peace and joy.   But I will miss my own cloister and writing to all of you. Amma told me that she doesn’t want to write the newsletter without me, but I mewed encouragement for her to continue.  The voice of Benedict needs to be heard in our world.  As yet I don’t know if any of my sisters or brothers in the cloister can take over the job of writing about the Rule.  Ricky has helped me.  He is young, only 4, but Benedict does say that God often gives what is better to the younger (3.3).

In closing, I want to wish you well and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed sharing with you in the newsletter.    Please be diligent and faithful in following as much of the Rule as you can.  Benedict had a kind heart and you will too when you follow his wisdom and put all of it into practice.  I think this says it all…

Do not be daunted immediately by fear
and run away from the road that leads to salvation.
It is bound to be narrow at the start.
But as you progress in this way of life and in faith,
you shall run on the path of God’s commandments,
your heart overflowing
with the inexpressible delight of love.

 Prologue 48-49 modified

 God bless you and all your dear animal friends.


Randy the Benedictine Cat

Your feline Benedictine friend,


© April 2013 Randy the Cat

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