Randy’s Corner March/April 2011

Hello! I’m Randy, one of Jane’s cats. Some of you may have seen me if you clicked on the first link in the January-February newsletter. I surreptitiously sneaked in to say “Hello.” This was so enjoyable that I asked Jane if I could have a small corner of the Cyber Toolbox for my own comments on the Rule of St. Benedict, especially my observations about how Jane does or doesn’t keep the Rule. With some reservation, she agreed! So here goes – my two observations for this issue.

First observation: Jane brushes Mickey more than she brushes me. Now, I’m a nice cat, a VERY nice cat. And I’m patient too…somewhat. When I culled the Rule I discovered that Benedict says, point blank, in Chapter 2 – Qualities of the Abbot or Prioress,

“The abbot or prioress should avoid all favoritism in the monastery.” RB 2.16

Here is a clear example of favoritism. Jane is missing the mark on this one. Benedict continues by saying that the abbot or prioress is not to love one more than another unless they find someone “better in good actions and obedience.” (RB 2.17) Since I’m ALWAYS the first one to call out for our meals and to run right to my food dish, I consider myself to be very good indeed in actions and obedience. If any cat should receive it of the eight of us, I should be the one to receive favoritism. I hope Jane takes this to heart.

Second observation: Normally we have our breakfast between six and six-thirty in the morning, sometimes earlier. Last Saturday Jane and the other staff member, John, slept late and didn’t feed us until 8:00 am! How inconsiderate! Me and the other cats were milling around, distressed and half-starved. When Jane finally appeared I was quick to mew out this verse:

“No one is to pursue what they judge better for themselves, but instead, what they judge better for someone else.” RB 72.7

Clearly, Jane was not following what was best for me or the other cats – feeding us on time!

Those are my two points for this issue. Please take a look at your own life, especially if you have animal friends. Do you have favorite animals or people and neglect others? Do you ever consider doing what is best for someone else instead of what’s best for you? Even birds need care and consideration. Think about it…

In spite of what Jane says in her newsletter article, personally I’m glad when Lent is over – I can get back to grumbling about Mickey! Happy Easter to all!


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