Randy’s Corner July/August 2011

Hello! In case you haven’t met me, I’m Randy, one of Jane’s cats. I’m here again with a feline perspective on Benedictine living and more observations on how Jane does or doesn’t keep the Rule.

I noticed in prior articles that I’m inclined to complain and find fault – not very Benedictine. Benedict tells us “keep your tongue free from vicious talk” (Prologue 17). I had promised to offer a positive observation this month so here it is.

One of the cats in our family is Mickey. Recently when he was at the doctor, the vet took one look at him and exclaimed, “Boy, is he old!” Mickey told me this was a bit distressing to hear.

Mickey has glaucoma so twice a day Jane or John give him drops in his eyes. He’s really good about this, better than I would be. They are patient and gentle with him. I know that Benedict is concerned that the elderly are treated with kindness and that “their lack of strength must always be taken into account.” (RB 37.2) Our prioress and sub-prior are following Benedict’s instructions admirably.

Is there anyone you know who is elderly and would welcome your kindness?

To show Mickey that I can follow Benedict’s instructions too, I’ve been joining him on our favorite chair, cozying up in a companionable and comforting fashion. His reaction has been mixed…

I must confess that I have my own challenges in keeping the Rule.

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