A Tool for Reawakening Gratitude

Purpose of the Tool:  To be present to the moment through the senses.

Background on the Tool:  We need ways that we can open to the glory that is saturating all of life, especially when we are worried, tired, distracted or discouraged.  Gratitude moves us out of the sometimes narrow confines of ourselves into a deep appreciation of all that has been given to us and to our connection with all that is around us.

The Tool:  Here are several ways to open your heart and mind to gratitude.

The First Way – Use the approach offered by Joyce Rupp in the article of this newsletter.  To reach the article if you are on the website, click on the link below this tool.

A Second Way – Set aside one hour today in full attentiveness as if you were about to leave this life and enter another.  Then reflect on your experience.

And a Third Way – Take a Thanksgiving Walk This is a prayer of the senses where we pray using our senses as a vehicle of prayer.

Begin with your eyes.  As you walk, look at and notice your surroundings.  Let your eye really take in what you see.  Notice what’s around you in as much detail as you are drawn to – things that are close up, things that are far away, trees, flowers, the views, and so forth.  As you walk and look, give God thanks for what you see.  Give God thanks for the gift of sight.  Pray for those who cannot see.

Then move through your senses—hearing, smell, touch—using the same format of noticing, giving thanks and praying for those who do not have hearing, smell, etc.  (And…if you want to snack, you can add taste!!)

What did you notice?

A SPECIAL NOTE:  This last prayer with physical activity can be especially useful next month after the big T’day dinner!

To reach Jane’s Featured Article related to this tool, please click right here. 

 © October 2012 The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine

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