A Tool for Moving Towards Trust and Hope

Purpose of the Tool:  To develop a practice of replacing fear, worry and other damaging gremlins with trust and hope.

Background on the Tool:  Where do you need God’s assurance in your life right now?  Is it in a difficult relationship, or in crisis of health, fear of the future, discouragement over a situation that seems irresolvable?  Or is God calling you to a place, an action, a role that you are not sure you can do or fulfill?  Where might God be asking you to step out in faith like Mary?  Do you need assurance that, indeed, you can do whatever is before you that seems impossible?

The Tool:  Live from these words…

“The Lord is with you.
Do not be afraid.
…for nothing will be impossible with God.”

 Here are a few suggestions to bring this practice alive.

Write the angel’s words on small pieces of paper and place these in different places in your home or workplace.  You can even change it to be in the first person singular.

The Lord is with me.
I will not be afraid.
…for nothing will be impossible with God.

.             Make it a practice to say these words each day.

You could also choose one situation in which you need assurance and lay the angel’s words over your fears.

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 ©April 2013 The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine

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