Sr. Scholastica Muffn, OSB-F
Benedictine Scholar and Teacher

Sr. Scholastica Muffin, OSB-F

Benedictine Author and Scholar –

Tubingen, Germany


Ingrid Muffin Schmitt was raised in Eichstätt, Bavaria in Germany.  Even as a kitten she showed a preference for study over the chasing of moles and mice.  Her friends often found her curled up on a chair with a book.  She also was drawn to the nearby Benedictine monastery, St. Walburga Abbey, where she became friends with the feline Benedictine scholar, Sr. Benedicta Angel, OSB-F.

When she was 1 ½ years old (about 18 in human years)  Sr. Benedicta invited Ingrid to spend a month living with her at the abbey in Eichstätt.  Sr. Benedicta guided the young Ingrid Muffin to the joys of studying The Rule of St. Benedict and of participating in the Daily Office.  Both were a perfect fit for Ingrid.

With her energies channeled toward God and The Rule of St. Benedict, Ingrid completed the process for joining the Feline Benedictine Order.  Because she had grown  to love St. Scholastica, the sister of Benedict, Ingrid chose for her monastic name, Sr. Scholastica Muffin, OSB-F.

The beautiful St. Walburga Abbey in Eichstätt, Germany


Theology student Molly listening to Sr Scholastica’s lecture on the proper amount of food for followers of St. Benedict.  

When 5 years old (36 human years) Sr. Scholastica moved to Katzen von St. Benedikt Abbey (Felines of St. Benedict) in Tubingen, Germany.  There she teaches at the University of Tübingen-Feline where she is beloved by her students for her wisdom and wit.

Even human students love Sr. Scholastica Muffin’s lectures.

Sr. Scholastica Muffin has devoted her life to scholarship focused on The Rule of St. Benedict.  She has published numerous books and has pawed an untold number of articles about the Rule and monastic living.  She is admired and appreciated for her thorough scholarship and readable writing style.

When asked about her process for culling the wisdom of St. Benedict, Sr. Scholastica Muffin explains,

 “I want to let the text speak.” [1]

 Sharing her process for unpacking the Rule, she analyzes the text following the principles of biblical exegesis.  Then she studies the sources from which the text came, such as John Cassian, Saint Augustine and Basil of Caesarea.  In her last step she raises the question that is so important for readers today whether they live inside or outside the monastery:

What does the text say to us, the people of today?  [2]


Felines and humans look forward with anticipation for the insights of this Benedictine scholar, Sr. Scholastica Muffin, OSB-F.


[1] and [2]  From the eminent Benedictine scholar, Sr. Aquinata  Böckmann, OSB, PhD,  A Listening Community: A Commentary on the Prologue and Chapters 1-3 of Benedict’s Rule (Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 2011), viii.

Sr. Scholastica Muffin also draws from other Benedictine scholars.  Watch for these noted people in the footnotes of pages and articles.

Sr. Aquinata  Böckmann, OSB