Comments from Participants

Here you’ll find a sampling of the comments  that Jane has received at the end of her retreats and workshops.

 “The slide show presentation was a wonderful overview of Benedictine theology.”

“A reminder that I am Christ to others AND the other is Christ to me.”

DOK Province VIII

 “Wonderful organization – nice balance of teaching and interaction – helpful written out and displayed comments.”

“Sharing and reflecting with colleagues and having a safe place to do that.”

 “I thought the whole day was absolutely wonderful.  It opened my eyes and heart to what priorities should be and the need to keep Christ in the front of everything I do in order to live the life God wants me to live.”

“I felt very open and free to comment.  Everyone was given ample time to speak and they were listened to.”

“I especially appreciated Jane’s flexibility and responsiveness to the group’s observations and needs.  Thank you!”

“Excellent speaker and motivator.  Would attend her presentation any time.”

“I really enjoyed the day – the pace was perfect.  I enjoyed the dialogue shared in response to specific questions – and the questions were good!”

“A wonderful day!  Nourishing and enlightening – you gave me fresh insights into the rule and Benedict’s view of work and its place in our lives.”

Conference – Worker Sisters and Brothers of the Holy Spirit

“I most appreciate your calm presentation – So often people push over others to make a point, but your style was to draw us out in conversation.”

“I was helped by the structure of putting out our own ideas about living simply the first night, then following it with values from the Rule.  The way the theme was developed helped me realize that living simply isn’t just about material things, and that it can be done under any circumstances.”

“During lectio I realized that I’m too hard on myself – that I’m much more prayerful than I had considered.  I was confusing prayer with prayerfulness.  Thank you!  Loved it – I’m glad that I came.”

 Please contact Jane if you would like references!

I like going to Jane’s retreats because they are peaceful and fun. The cat treats are really good, too!