Featured Article – November-December 2012

Weaving “Your way of acting should be different from the worlds’ way The love of Christ must come before all else.”[1]                                                                                                             RB 4.20-21 Advent may be my favorite liturgical season.  As the days become shorter and darker, the … Continue reading

Featured Article – “Power Outage” Delayed September-October 2012

Moments Full of Glory What is more delightful than this voice of the Holy One calling to us? See how God’s love shows us the way of life.                                                                                                             Prologue 1-20[i]  In her book The Cup of Our Life … Continue reading

Featured Article July-August 2012

Travel – Searching for the Holy Let us open our eyes to the light that comes from God.                                                                                                             Prologue 9a  In the Rule Benedict reminds us that God’s presence is everywhere (RB 19.1).  He also assures us that … Continue reading