A Tool for Weaving Christ into My Life

Purpose of the Tool:  To let Christ help you create a life tapestry of beauty and strength.

Background on the Tool:  You sit at a loom where the multi-colored threads of all the parts of your life

Look at all the glorious colors. Let Christ help you weave a tapestry of beauty.

stretch out in front of you.  With Christ as your Shuttle, he will join these threads together into a unified whole.  He is the Weft Thread, interwoven into who you are and all you do.

The Tool:  Envision your day and all in it as threads – some colorful, some perhaps dark, some may even with tiny gold threads woven in with the cotton or wool.  Pick up Christ the Shuttle and let him cover your thread with his and draw it into the whole.  See the pattern emerge and the fabric grow and strengthen.

 At the beginning of the day you could even envision all you know you will do that day as threads and even include a few “undesignated” threads.  Ask Christ to be the Shuttle that will weave his grace into your day.

 Weave my life together, O Christ.

Weave the threads of your grace

     into mine.

Weave my life into you.

Weave my life together, O Christ
with you, for you.

Weave my life together
until we become a tapestry of
beauty and strength for all.

Weave my life together, O Christ;

Weave the weft of your grace

     into my day.

 Weave my life into yours, Dear One,

    to be with you, to live for you.

I release the threads of my life to you

so we are


a tapestry of
beauty and strength.

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© December, 2012 The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine

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