A Tool for Small Steps Toward Freedom from Stuff

Purpose of the Tool:  To help us let go of behaviors that reinforce the collection of stuff.

Background on the Tool:  Acquisition is a robber of the spirit that creates a mindset and environment lacking spaciousness and peace.  Instead, we can choose to practice Benedict’s tools cited in the May-June article: 1) live by need instead of want, 2) practice “item-in-item-out”, and 3) reflect on our progress towards freedom from acquisition.

The Tool:  Here are a few of the promised ideas.  Let’s begin with small steps.  Pray for guidance and commitment to the goal of freedom from possessions and possessing.    Envision yourself in a different relationship with possessions. What does that relationship look like and feel like?  What step could you take to begin to make that vision a reality?

You can also take just one of the three practices above and use it for a week.  What happens when you try this?

Reflect on what is really important to you.  After naming this or these things, reflect on how possessions and stuff undermine this.  What changes can you make to more fully honor what is really important.

Blessings in the journey!

© June 2012 The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine

This tool is introduced in the Featured Article for May-June 2012


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