A Tool For Looking For God in Our Experiences

Purpose of the Tool:  To help us look for God’s presence as we travel and in our daily lives.

Background on the Tool:  God reaches out to us in all the experiences of life, assuring us of God’s grace and presence and offering experiences as teachers of wisdom and transformation.

The Tool:  Think back on a trip that you have taken.  Slowly think through the path of the trip; use memories and feelings to recapture the experience.  Is there one event that stands out?  Focus on this event as you ask

Where and how was God present here?

            What might God be teaching me in what I experienced?

You can use this tool at the end of an ordinary day, too, or even part of a day.

Blessings in the journey!

 © August 2012 The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine

This tool is introduced in the Featured Article for July-August 2012

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