A Tool for Living Your Purpose

Purpose of the Tool:  To help discern your purpose and to strengthen its impact in your daily life. LifePurpose

Background on the Tool:  Christians one of our purposes is to seek God in all we do.  We also have what I call a “personal purpose,” which motivates and guides us in the choices we make and the direction of our life energy.  The latter purpose may change with the season of our lives and our growth into maturity.


The Tool:  In my article “Living Your Purpose” I shared clothing designer Eileen Fisher’s experience of sitting in a chair, embodying her purpose and letting that purpose question her.    If you haven’t read the article please do so then return to the Tool.  Click here to do this.

Find some free time, maybe even five minutes to start, and settle in a comfortable chair.  Then continue with one of the purpose tools below.

My Personal Purpose
Step 1:  What is my personal purpose?
Think about your life right now – what is important to you, how do you spend your time, what motivates you and energizes you, what gives you direction?  This is all connected to your purpose.  Take a moment to define that purpose.

-armchair-5-victorian-armchair-smallerStep 2: Let that purpose question you.
I invite you to become that purpose as you sit in the chair – embody this purpose.  You might even say, “I am this purpose of [name of purpose].”  Let this purpose ask you questions like the following:

What are you doing with your life?  Why are you doing this?

What really matters?

Why are you forgetting about me?

What can you do today to bring me more to life?

What plans can you make for the future?  Are changes in your life needed?

Eileen Fisher chose to embody her purpose daily in this way.  Perhaps you and I could do the same to gain clarity and direction.

My Purpose of Seeking God
As Christians who follow St. Benedict and his Rule, our abiding purpose is to seek God above all things and in all things.  With that in mind and heart, do Step 2 above.

To read the article associated with this tool, click on this link.

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