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The Newsletter of Benedictine Spirituality is Being Retired

September, 2018

Jane Tomaine


Welcome to The Cyber Toolbox page.  For nine years I have published a newsletter that offered practical suggestions and ideas for bringing the teachings of St. Benedict alive in your daily life. Regular columns included Jane’s Featured Article and a Tool, a Book Recommendation, pithy articles by cats Randy and Ricky, prayers or brief reflections from other writers and, new to the newsletter, a recipe article.

Regular newsletters have not been written because I have been immersed in other projects that have taken a lot of time.  Add to this that I am unclear as to the direction that the newsletter needs to go, and also feel called to other endeavors.

In response, I am putting the newsletter in mothballs until. if and when, I sense a new direction.  How long this will take, I don’t know.

If you are currently subscribed, your name will remain on the list for any future communication.

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Past Newsletters are Available
I am keeping past newsletters available.

I invite you to browse through the earlier emails in the archives.  These newsletters  can be reached by clicking here.  I hope you will enjoy these editions and find them helpful, interesting, and fun, too.

Until his entry into the Feline Paradise Cloister, my dear cat Randy wrote for the newsletter, too.  Although he is no longer with us I have kept his writing on the website in Randy’s Corner.  Randy’s thoughtfulness, observations and candor were much appreciated by newsletter readers.


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