Program Content

Programs focus on any number of topics related to the Rule of Benedict, Benedictine Spirituality and prayer.

  • The vows of stability (staying put), obedience (listening and responding) and conversion of life (openness to transformation) and how they can help us stay grounded in Christ
  • The Benedictine view of work, hospitality, service, justice and worship and how each can support our daily and spiritual lives
  • How Benedictine Spirituality can support and strengthen relationships and community
  • Listening for God in daily life
  • Benedictine prayer, which includes the Daily Office (Morning and Evening prayer, Noonday Prayers, Compline), prayer with scripture (lectio divina), centering prayer (meditative prayer) and arrow prayers (brief prayers we can say throughout the day)
  • Spirituality and the Arts which focuses on using art for prayer to help people see more deeply in daily life

A program might also focus on a particular problem or challenge such as dealing with the stress of daily life, forming caring relationships, supporting community or other areas of interest, and how Benedictine Spirituality can impact the chosen topic.

Programs will also cover an introduction to Benedictine Spirituality and the Rule of Benedict tailored to the length and emphasis chosen for the program. The relevance of this spirituality and the history and content of the Rule of Benedict will be included.

Program Length

Programs can be arranged for a single day or half-day, for multiple sessions or retreats. Another option is to plan a “Benedictine Season,” where, for a number of weeks, your church or small group focuses on both worship and education related to the Rule of Benedict. Finally, ongoing groups can be established which meet, for example, monthly for a meal, one of the daily offices, study of the Rule and sharing regarding applying Benedictine Spirituality to daily living.

Agenda and content will be determined in consultation with each church or group.

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