Completed Retreats and Programs – Prior Years

A Sampling of Past Retreats and Programs

Jane conducts retreats and other programs for dioceses, churches, church organizations and monasteries throughout the country. Program lengths vary with the time available and needs of the organization and include evenings, and extended programs and retreats from one day to one week.

The focus of each program is determined in consultation with each church or group. Jane’s programs bring the ideas to life in a practical and down-to-earth way. Attendees are given both an opportunity to learn as well as to practice what they learn.

Here’s a sampling of retreats and programs giving location and focus:

Program Location

Program Topic

Holy Cross Monastery – West Park, NY
Holy Rhythms for a Balanced Life – A Benedictine Experience
The Episcopal Community
Living Into Our Baptismal Covenant with the Rule of St. Benedict
Episcopal Church Women – Diocese of Indianapolis
Benedictine Spirituality for the Frazzled
The Order of the Daughters of the King – Province VIII
Community Across the Miles: Living in the Heart of Jesus
Convent of St. John Baptist, Mendham, NJ
Opening a Space Within: Hospitality in the Benedictine Tradition
Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of North Carolina at Holy Trinity Church in Greensboro, North Carolina
Decluttering our Life for God: The Benedictine Path of Simplicity
St. Nicholas’ Episcopal Church, Midland, Texas
Strengthening Your Core: Benedictine Values and Practices for Today’s World
Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Honolulu
Living with Christ at the Center
Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY
Benedictine Spirituality and the Arts: Channels of Grace for Daily Living
The Sisters of St. Benedict – Ferdinand, IN
Four Programs for the Community, Women of the Rule, Oblates and Employees
Benedictine Leisure
Benedictine Spirituality for the Frazzled
Benedictine Hospitality
The Promises of Being Present and Listening
Ecumenical Lay Associates of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit and the Diocese of Atlanta
Benedictine Spirituality: Living Intentionally in a Distracted World
Drew University Theological School
The Benedictine Path to Living Simply
Trinity Church – Princeton, NJ
EFM Retreat
Ministry in the Benedictine Tradition
Diocese of New York Clergy Spouses and Partners
Am I Me or Am I a Role?
Interweave Spirituality and the Arts Field Trip
Exploring the Divine in Art: A Spiritual Seekers Tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
Teleconference Lenten Program – The Community of Reconciliation at Washington National Cathedral
Forming a Rule of Life
Holy Cross Monastery – West Park, NY
and St. Luke’s Church – Darien, CT
Benedictine Spirituality and the Arts: Channels of Grace for Daily Living
Adelynrood Retreat and Conference Center of the Society for the Companions of the Holy Cross
Our Senses as Pathway to God
Calvary Church – Rochester, MN
Nuts and Bolts for Centering Our Hearts and Lives
Holy Cross Monastery – West Park, NY
The Benedictine Path to Simplicity: Living with Peace in Your Heart
Reformation Lutheran Church – Media, PA
Living Vital Faith
Church of the Advent – Cape May, NJ
Keeping Sabbath
Holy Cross Monastery – West Park, NY
Finding Holiness in Work
Black River-St. Lawrence Association, NY
Four Retreats
Welcoming Others as Christ: Benedictine Hospitality – Simplicity – Living with Hope – Letting Go of Life’s Distractions
Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery and the Benedictine of Victor Valley, CA
Embracing Prayer in Your Daily Life
Episcopal Diocese of New York Transitional Deacons
Benedictine Spirituality as Vocational Support
Diocese of Bethlehem
Leadership in the Benedictine Tradition
Trinity Episcopal Church – Three Retreats
Hospitality – Community – Spirituality of Work
Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery and the Benedictine of Victor Valley, CA
The Benedictine Vows
Newark, St. Mary’s and Walburga Monasteries
The Spirituality of Work