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Ricky gathering his thoughts about the Rule

Ricky gathering his thoughts about the Rule

Hello.  My name is Ricky.  I’m one of the cloister cats, the youngest, only about 4 years old, I think.  Randy the Cat had a column in Amma Jane’s newsletter for several years and became quite popular with the readers for his keen understanding of the Rule and his lively wit.  It was a tragic day when he had to be “put to sleep,” as humans say, last June (2013) because he had a really bad cancer.  I miss him, too.  He was very wise about the Rule and astute in his observations of Amma, Prior John and us cats too, detailing how we did or didn’t apply the wisdom of Benedict to our lives. If you would like to read any of his tomes, please visit The Rule According to Randy at Jane’s website.

Anyway, to cheer Amma Jane up and to give her encouragement to write her parts of the newsletter I decided to write a few words so she doesn’t feel so alone.  She consented.  I had often helped Randy research the background and interpretations of the Rule using noted feline authors as Sr. Scholastic Muffin, FOSB (Feline Order of St. Benedict).  I’m not up to Randy’s level of scholarship on the Rule and feel a bit scared to do this but, if you bear with me, I will do my best to learn as I share my thoughts about the Rule with you.

I hope you find my articles helpful.

Your friend,