Holy Cross Program – April 2017

Navigating the Chaos with Grace

Holy Cross Monastery – West Park, New York

April 2018

Jane sends a heartfelt invitation to you to join, “Navigating the Chaos with Grace” at Holy Cross Monastery and here’s why…

Been in a heated argument recently or frustrated in conversations on “hot topics?”

Differing views about government, legislation, how children should be raised, how money should be spent, how a committee should proceed, and a myriad of other subjects can easily escalate into hurtful and harmful words.

This retreat will give you insight, understanding and tools to help you navigate today’s volatile topics ranging from family and religion to politics.  Our guide will be the ancient and relevant Rule of Benedict, the Rule used by the brothers at Holy Cross, along with other contemporary voices of wisdom.

Benedict lived in tumultuous times not unlike ours.  He can help us learn to be a presence of grace and hope as we struggle with others over the issues and conversations of today. The good news is that we can become peace-makers centered in Christ, and in the process, receive the grace to maintain our own sanity!

Date:       Tuesday, April 17 suppertime to Friday, April 20 through noon dinner

Place:      Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY
1615 Broadway
Ulster Park, NY 12487


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Cost:                      $395 ($100 deposit)

Register by Phone or Email
Lori Callaway, Guest House Manager
Phone: 845-384-6660, ext. 1
Tuesday – Friday  9:00 AM until Noon and 1:30 PM until 4:30 PM


Register from the Holy Cross Website
Click on the link below to reach the program page and scroll down and click on “Register  Here.”  Then scroll down the list of programs.  “Navigating the Chaos” will be checked.



If you have any questions, please contact Jane at 908-233-0134 or jtomaine1685@verizon.net

Hope that you can join this retreat and program to gain insight in navigating today’s chaos with grace!